About TBSC

Two Bit Scooter Club, founded in 2013, is an organization focused on the joys of scooter riding. While we are based in Ogden, we welcome any rider and all makes and models of scooters from anywhere. Modern or Classic, Italian or Japanese, Regular or Maxi, we invite you to join us for our regular rides (sure…even motorcycles are welcome).  Check out the calendar to join us on our next scheduled event.

Why “Two Bit” you ask? Ogden, Utah is famous for many things but it’s most infamous spot is the notorious “Two Bit” street or Historic 25th Street. Home to opium dens, brothels, gambling dens, bars and bikers, the street’s long history is rough. In fact, legend says when Al Capone made a visit, he thought it even too rough for him. Today it’s the historic center of Ogden. Many of its buildings date to the 19th century and it’s home to many terrific restaurants, boutiques and shops.

"Two Bit" Streethistoric-25th-595x421

Learn more at http://www.historic25.com/

Drop a line to ride@twobitscooterclub.com if you have any questions!

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  2. We are a local club and we do mail stickers, patches and invites. The information is simply to ensure we can give you the best club possible.

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