Suaoki Mini Air Compressor Deal: Just $19 on Amazon With Coupon Code | Digital Trends

As tires are the only think between you and the road, it’s incredibly important to keep them pumped to a proper pressure. If you get a roadside flat, a patch will save the day but you still need air. Here is a killer deal for a really usable portable pump. Use this code to save an additional $5.


So you are thinking, “Hey…I don’t have a cigarette lighter adapter on my Vespa.” No worries, you can order a Battery Tender adapter to connect it for only $9.

So you are thinking, “Hey…I don’t have a battery tender.” Well, you really ought to have one as it elongates the life of your battery, keeps it charged over when you aren’t riding and can restore a dead battery overnight. Even better, they are pretty cheap.

So you are thinking, “Hey, I have a vintage bike and it doesn’t have a battery.” Well…I guess you can always find a car or you can use a wall plug with this handy little adapter.

Yep…you got it covered now! No more worry over a flat tire.

Source: Suaoki Mini Air Compressor Deal: Just $19 on Amazon With Coupon Code | Digital Trends

There and Back Again

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What a great first ride of the year! Things started off a little slow but once we got moving, it was a wonderful, twisty ride along Ogden, Utah’s scenic bench. The “bench” is what most people refer to as foothills. Starting from downtown, we rode to North Ogden and then back again to South Ogden and then back downtown, hugging the mountains all along the way. It was a blast!

We were promised some warmth with temperatures expected to be in the 60s with sunny skies. Pulling out of the driveway this morning, all indicators seemed to point to a warm spring day. But things change and we know the weather in Utah can be a fickle beast. Before we knew it, clouds covered the sky and soon it was damn cold. Regardless, the cold didn’t diminish otherwise perfect riding conditions.

Things got a slow start. With our Salt Lake membership, we have to cut them some slack because of the great distance they travel. We did start a little later than expected but soon enough, we hit the bench for a nice long ride. Little traffic and the green of an ever-brightening landscape provided a beautiful twisted journey.

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After finish the ride, we actually connected with three more of our TBSC members who couldn’t make the ride but were still here to join us for a drink, some lunch and a chance to visit. We dropped into our new local bar, the “Harp & Hound” and relaxed chatting scooter rallies, rides and tried to get someone a date. In all, it was a great day! Thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you next month!