Cold Weather Riding

Just because the weather outside is “frightful,” it doesn’t mean it can’t be “delightful.” Riding a scooter in the winter just means better preparation and a little thought.

Silk is your Friend

One of the best natural fibers is silk. It’s excellent at retaining warmth and wicking moisture away from the skin. Even on the coldest days, silk can keep you warm. You can get for most body parts including your hands, arms and legs. Surprisingly, it’s really quite affordable.

Water turns to Ice

Even modest amounts of moisture can become dangerous if temperatures drop below freezing. It’s smartest to avoid riding directly after storms and on very cold days. Black ice is very dangerous for scooterists.

FF with No Fog

A full faced helmet with a good supply of no-fog on the screen provides great shielding from the cold while still allowing you to ride. It may not be the most exciting choice of head gear but it does provide the most warmth and most protection from the elements.

Shorten it!

Before heading out on a long ride, try a short one first. Take a quick spin to the store, grab a cup of coffee or simply ride around the block. If a short ride makes you uncomfortable with riding or the weather, then you know a long ride will turn you off.

Winter riding does limit our options but don’t necessarily eliminate riding. Just plan ahead and keep warm!

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