Utah Motorcycle Training

Utah Motorcycle Training

A scooter is a motorcycle. A lot of people think that it’s easier to ride or less complicated. In some aspects, that’s true. However, a scooter is more agile and that means you need to have more sensitivity in your control. If you haven’t had a lot of experience riding, a great way to learn is to take a motorcycle training class. These classes teach you more than the basic operating instructions. They help you learn how to be a defensive rider, constantly aware of your bike and the “cagers” surrounding you on the road.  

If you are completely new to riding, these classes actually allow you to get your license without taking the road portion of the test. Your completion of the class acts as a certification for the DMV. If you have your license, but are still a little wet behind the ears, a good class will give you the confidence you need to be comfortable on your scoot.

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