We finally did it!

Yes, after three attempts, we finally made it around Pineview and it was a glorious day. The weather was warm but comfortable on the scoots. We had blue skies and a great ride. Our day started at it’s normal launching point but after some weaving through Ogden, we climbed up the canyon.

Once up in the valley, we took a stop at the beach in Pineview to enjoy the views and take a quick break. We then rode to Eden where we lunched (breakfast for a couple) at Carlos and Harley’s. The food and atmosphere was great. We even got a couple stickers posted for the club.

Over lunch, RJ was kind enough to educate us on the methods of group riding. As a former office of the law and chapter president to a Gold Wing club, he shared his wisdom and experience with our group. It was nice to learn something new and improve the safety of our rides.

Finally, we navigated around the reservoir and finished up back in Ogden. In all, it was a lot of fun and another great ride for our group. Thanks to all who attended.

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