Old Blue Rides again


Now the tale can be told. Old Blue the 1985 plastic fantastic Honda Elite Deluxe has been restored and returned to it’s original owner. We had to search for the documentation and keys and then threw it in the back of a truck and took it to GreaseMonkey Mark. Who hooked it to a new battery and it started first try. First try after 14 years. Mark gave it the once over, new battery and mirrors and we gave it a good cleaning and drove it unregistered across town twice.


The morning of the surprise return of Old Blue was a torrential rainstorm but Brother Mike rode through canyons winds to return the Scoot. Mike said he’d ridden in worse in Thailand. But not on a nearly 30 year old scoot through a major canyon windstorm.

rainride4 rainride9 rainride7
We returned the Scooter and Bro Rich was without words. We lied to him repeatedly as to the scooters condition. We hinted that it may have to be scrapped. He was over the moon with happiness. A labor of love and brotherhood. This would not have happened without the tireless efforts of Bro Mike and Greasemonkey Mark. Gratitude y’all

One thought on “Old Blue Rides again

  1. BeatPoetJ deserves equal credit! He was the big inspiration for this project!

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