High Rollers Weekend: UPDATE


Last weekend we had a meeting to talk about the rally and our preparations. It was a great meeting and we now have details to share:

The rally is in 30 days,

First off, we need to know who is going for certain. We have registrations from five us right now. If you have registered and are confirmed you are going, please drop me an email.

We are doing a group shirt so that we can do a few of the events and show our colors. The shirt is cheap and Dustin is helping us locate a screen printer who can do our shirts on demand. Here is a link to the shirt we are ordering:

Order the BR- Black Body with Red in your size.

Once you get your shirt, we will coordinate a pre-rally meeting to drop it off or arrange a pick up so we can get the club name printed on the back.

The Gold Spike Hotel is where the event is being held but there are a lot of hotels very close by that are also available. The Downtown Grand is across the street and is very nice. It’s also important to note that the hotel is merely a starting point. You can stay anywhere in Vegas you like and just ride to the activities. In fact, a lot of the locals just ride in and enjoy events. All events are within walking distance from the hotel.

Wherever you end up, we will be coordinating a few club events. We all agreed we will likely do at least one breakfast and one dinner. We will also go as a group to at least one ride and one party. However, we have to see their official schedule.

Most of us will be arriving on Thursday evening or earlier. We definitely encourage everyone to arrive on Thursday if possible because if the rally follows last year, the first ride is down the strip at night and it is a BLAST!

We are presently full on vehicles but if we get more people confirming they are going, we can coordinate a second trailer. I also have a single bike trailer I can lend to help people get down to Vegas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I am happy to help.

UPDATE: The events are now posted on the website! Looks like it’s gonna be a blast!


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