Tech Night – This Sunday

Starting this Sunday, Blue Planet Scooters will hosting FREE (as in…damn, that costs nothing) clinics on scooter tech. Learn about how a scooter operates (no, it’s not a scooter fairy under your seat) and how you can fix your own bike!

Here are details about the “Tech Night”

This month’s tech night is a course on combustible engines! We will cover the basic principles of 2 & 4 stroke engine function.  The presentation will have visual aids and a question and answer at the end! AND A FREE RAFFLE! By attending you will automatically be entered in a raffle to win an awesome prize!

Tech Night is a series we are hosting here at Blue Planet Scooters. Tech night is where a technician teaches a quick course on some type of scooter engine topic depending on the topic selected for that month. These courses are taking place once a month, we do not have a set time of month for each course.

Contact our staff at Blue Planet Scooters if you have any questions

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