The Long Road to the Long Road

2016-09-10-16-38-04This past weekend was our first ride of the month and things went a little strange. We had a great showing with eight riders and we met in our new clubhouse. Thanks to “Salty Creative” for giving us new home. This great facility is located on 27th Street just above Washington and it has a great vibe for a scooter club. 2016-09-10-11-38-16

If you are familiar with our rides, you know that a few of them have had people experiencing small technical
issues. Well, this ride was no exception. We made a quick stop for gas and Jeff suddenly couldn’t start his bike. The whole club jumped in and we determined he had a dead battery. Jeff ran off to buy a new battery and Brad ran home to grab some jumper cables in case Jeff couldn’t find a battery to fit his bike.

The whole team worked together to get Jeff up and running and once his new battery was replaced, it was working again! We then rode a nice long 30+ mile loop around Ogden taking us to the Bench, the far west side and a winding finish to Wall! Lunch was at Rosa’s Cafe for some spicy Mexican.

Everybody seemed to have a great time! Next month we will be doing our annual Antelope Run! Be sure to join us for this great ride!



One thought on “The Long Road to the Long Road

  1. Wish I could have been there. Next ride…

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