Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride Update

Received this yesterday from the DGR

Gents and Ladies,

The Gentleman’s ride is just around the corner and we’re gearing up for this Sunday. Reminder, we meet at noon across the street from the Capitol building and roll out at 1:00 pm. Here’s a few items we need to go over:

  1. We are still in need of a few good men or women EMT’s to help cover our six. If you happen to be an EMT or know of any who can help us out for a few hours this Sunday, please have them email me directly at u2umotojc@gmail.com
  2. For whatever reason the google route map keeps rerouting, so make sure to follow your ride Captains which will be assigned to each group. Worst case scenario, just meet at one of two meet up points which are 1, the State Capitol, 2 Liberty Park and 3, The RUIN. We also saved the map image on the rider details page which should help.
  3. Remind your fellow riders that they need to register for the ride at gentlemansride.com, there is a waiver that needs to be agreed to in order to join the ride.
  4. We’re in our last week so lets remind our friends and family to donate to the cause, even a dollar donation makes a difference.
  5. Remember this is a charity ride and not a race, so enjoy the ride with your fellow Gentleman and Ladies. At the moment the weather looks to be clear and 70 degrees this Sunday which is awesome.

If you have any questions please email me directly, otherwise we’ll see you on Sunday!

Juan Coles

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