Antelope Run Revisited

This weekend marked our third annual “Antelope Run” and it was an excellent success. We had 15 riders for the event and the ride was a great time. It began at “The World’s End” coffee shop in Layton and we then headed west toward Antelope Island. We not only got our normal view of the island’s Bison but we were also privileged to see a herd of wild Antelope as well.


The island is such a great place to visit on a scooter because of it’s twisty roads, great views and limited traffic. It’s always one of the best rides of the year and it was great to have such good attendance after last week’s weather made us postpone. We know the date change did impact of a few members but we appreciate how many still attended!

The weather was absolutely perfect and our “herd” got a lot of attention from the other visitors. Best of all, we clocked in a close to sixty miles when it was all done. We did lose a couple riders because of technical issues and it was great that Brad and Shawn had the foresight to pack some gas as Dave was worried he would make it back to the parking lot. However, in the end we all had a lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone for attending. As our club grows and we look forward to next year’s ride. In fact, we will be working to make it more of a rally event with other activities, food and prizes. We hope you will join us for our annual haunted ride this coming weekend.

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