2017 Calendar Planning

Next Thursday we are going to break out the old calendar and plan our entire ride year. This means we will be talking about dates, events and where we plan to ride. We really want everyone’s input and for you to be a part of this! Plan on joining us at the clubhouse.

Thursday January 12th, 2017
7:00 PM
443 27th St, Ogden, UT 84401

We’d love everyone’s input. We definitely want the following for 2017:
  • At least two SLC rides
  • At least one Brigham City ride
  • At least two Saturday rides
  • Input on where we’d like to ride
  • Input on timing
We are also going to be talking about two rallies, High Rollers and AmeriVespa. We will be reviewing our Leg Shield Banners and you can check out the new flags! We have a lot on the agenda and after we get done, we will be creating posters for distribution around Northern Utah so we can get as many riders to attend as possible.
We will be ordering Thai food and have beverages available so please let us know if you can attend. (Vegans attending, please let us know which curry works for you).
(NOTE: The calendar for 1967 is the same as 2017)

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