Did you know us Yanks can get Scootering?

The UK scooter scene is strong. In fact, so strong it can support three different scooter magazines. Scootering, Classic Scooterist and Twist & Go. The first two are pure traditional scooter magazines while Twist & Go is more for the “plastic fantastic” crowd.

Whatever you ride, one cool thing you may not know is PocketMags offers e-Magazines for your enjoyment. That means you can purchase, download and even subscribe to these UK magazines and see all the latest cool scooter gear and news in living color. PocketMags has an app for virtually every platform so you can enjoy the magazines on your PC, tablet or phone. No longer do you need to pay expensive postage and wait weeks for your mag to arrive.

Your visit to the doctor’s office has now been dramatically improved. You’re welcome.

Source: #367 – Jan 2017 – Scootering

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