Vespa Owners – GO TO WAR!

There is a new proposed tariff being considered to be levied against meat products coming from Europe to help level the playing field for American producers. However, when you look at the list, you will note a strange addition at the end…motorcycles….under 500cc. Basically, they are attacking Piaggio.


Vespa dealers already struggle in this country and this will be an effective nail in the coffin. Don’t let your Vespa dealer get nailed. Here is the link to make a comment.

These are the comments I left…please feel free to use them….

“While I understand the intent of the “Request to Reinstate Action Taken in Connection with European Union’s Measures Concerning Meat and Meat products” is to create a level playing field for American products, this particular proposal includes motorcycles. Seriously? How is a motorcycle an agricultural product?

I am vehemently opposed to the inclusion of any motorcycle product included in this proposed tariff because trade disputes residing within the boundaries of the agricultural industry should not be solved with blackmailing other European manufacturers through trade sanctions levied against non-agricultural products. Furthermore, this punishment would not impact the manufacturers of these products. However, it would severely punish many American small businesses.

Retailers of motorcycles and scooters are typically locally owned and operated and aren’t part of huge corporations. This tariff would likely result in many European manufacturers pulling out of the US market or raising prices so substantially that few small business owner could afford to sell their products. Even worse, it would give a strong foothold to Japanese, Chinese and Southeast Asian manufacturers who often produce inferior products.

In fact, the entire list consists of traditional food items and animal by-products. A motorcycle doesn’t even make sense on this list unless you are specifically targeting this industry. In fact, if you have to target the motorcycle segment, wouldn’t it make sense to tariff those in direct competition with American manufacturers (those ABOVE 500 CC). It seems like these companies are being specifically tagged to attack an industry unrelated to agriculture because of some lobbying effort by some other manufacturer. It’s extremely suspicious.

As a rider and owner of two Vespa scooters, I depend on the local businesses who provide services and parts for these products. Your proposed tariff will put these small businesses out of business. I am willing to pay more for French cheeses or hams or purchase locally if this means helping American meat/food producers get an equitable playing field. However, there are NO equitable American producers of scooters and low CC motorcycles. In other words, your efforts will destroy an existing market without one to take it’s place.

Please remove these products from this list and let this agricultural trade war, remain agricultural.”

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