SATURDAY – Christmas Parade!

Image result for vespa in a christmas parade

This Saturday afternoon is our first ever parade ride and we ask that as many people attend as possible. There are five great reasons to come!
1. The weather is supposed to be warm with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s.
2. If you have never seen Ogden’s Christmas Village, it’s a really great spectacle. Loads of colorful lights in little tiny decorated houses. It’s a VERY popular attraction that brings people from across the state.
3. It’s a chance to be in a parade…I mean…who doesn’t love a parade.
4. It’s short, the whole ride may take an hour so! We will be done early enough for you to go home for dinner!
5. It’s a chance to celebrate scootering!
We are registered to attend and hope all of you can make it.  If you don’t have lights, Tuesday Morning has them cheap. I have seen them a lot of places for under $5. If you need them and won’t have time between now and Saturday to pick them up, let me know and I will snag a set for you.
In addition, I will be taking photos and writing up the story for the VCOA and sharing it on a number of sites.
We hope to see you there. Please be at Salty Creative at 4:00 PM. If you are running late, call or text at 801-668-6680!

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