Christmas Parade was a Blast!

This year Two Bit took part in the Ogden Electric Light Parade. The event features a number of floats and vehicles as well as marching bands, dancers and the like. You know…a parade. We had an excellent showing with 11 members attending and nine bikes riding in the event.

Each member decorated their scoot with various Christmas elements including lights, bows and other fun stuff.  We lined up on the parade route and when our turn came, we made the most of the experience. Club members zipped around in circles, performed figure 8s and raced past the crowd back and forth as the parade moved down Washington Boulevard.

Honking our horns and making a ruckus, it was an absolute blast and best of all, the crowd loved it! We had kids cheering at us and we received a lot of applause. Gavin carried the club sign, Shawn and Dave were popping wheelies and the rest of the club enthusiastically demonstrated why scooters are AWESOME!

Thanks to all those who attended and a special thanks to Ogden City for letting us be a part of the event.

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