Antelope Ride Postponed!

Image result for vespa rain
We had grand plans this weekend to ride Antelope but sadly the weather is not playing along. The current forecast places us at a 70% chance of precipitation. The island isn’t ideal for riding when the weather is cold and rainy.
Our normal procedure is to postpone the ride a week BUT it’s Easter Sunday on the 1st. So, we will reconvene on April 8th! As we get close, we will be certain to provide updates. However for now, the long and short of this is…
  • No RIDE Sunday March 25th – Cancelled
  • Antelope Island Run – Sunday April 8th at NOON (World’s End Coffee in Layton)
Sorry for the change in plans!

One thought on “Antelope Ride Postponed!

  1. I am going to make the next run sounds fun

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