Two Excellent Vespas for Sale

If you are planning on going to Blue Planet tomorrow, there will be two great classic Vespas available for sale.

The first is a 1980 P200E.  It is silver.  The owner has had it since 2000 and it has about 12,600 miles.  The flywheel has been re-magnetized, it has a recently replaced CDI box, and a new shifter cross (cruciform).  It has a SIP Sport exhaust and is properly jetted for that. It has a European headlight which is better than the US type, and the Euro style fuel tank selector lever. It even has a working neutral light switch 😉
The other is a 2005 PX200. This bike was originally a PX 150, and the motor was swapped for a 200cc motor that has the electric start for the PX models. It has the front disc brake too. It is essentially the same as a PX 150 except faster! and has a 200 cc engine.  This bike is mint.  It was bought it in the fall in California, and it only has about 1000 miles on it.  Currently registered and titled in Park City, Utah. This bike is much faster than your average P200E.
Anyone who is interested can call Patrick at (857) 300-3928 or stop by Sunday’s swap at Blue Planet and come see it.  Both are in mint condition!

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